Unix Shell Programming

UNIX – LINUX Shell programming gives you a way to code and access files on UNIX. Unix is the shell of Linux just as MS DOS is for Windows. Shell programming is easy to handle files on web servers and automation scripts can also be created using Shell Scripts. Also, folders and files can be created and permissions to access files and folders can be given using Shell Programming. Here at Galaxy Computer Education (GCE), we have arranged advanced Professional training program that fulfills the varying requirements of Professionals and to understand how to work on Linux environment and programming using UNIX shell.

Basic Course

Basic Course Duration: 30 Hrs

Course Outline

  • What is Unix
  • Unix Environment
  • File Management & Directory Management
  • File permissions
  • Basic Utilities
  • Pipes & Filters
  • Process Management & Network Communication
  • The vi Editor
  • What is Shell
  • Using Shell Variables & Special Variables
  • Using Shell Arrays
  • Shell Basic Operators
  • Shell Decision Making & Loop Types, Control
  • Shell Substitution
  • Shell Quoting Mechanisms
  • Shell I/O Redirections
  • Shell Functions
  • Shell Man Help


Advanced Course

Advanced Course Duration: 40 Hrs

Course Outline

  • Basic Course +
  • Regular Exp with SED
  • File System Basics
  • User Administration
  • System Performance
  • System Logging
  • Signals & Traps



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