Primavera is the recognized standard project management software, designed for planning, Scheduling and Controlling large-scale, multifaceted projects and individual projects for high-performance. This software is useful for allocating the resources and tracking the progress in the projects. It helps you to determine sufficiency of resources as well as human resources with proper skills and knowledge. It provides guidance to evaluate the risks, maintains balance during project execution. Primavera is really very essential training for all those Projects Professionals (Planning Engineers/ Planning Managers/ Planners/ Cost Engineers/ Quantity Surveyors) Maintenance Professionals working with ERP solution in order to deliver their projects within the budget, of the high quality & design and on time before the dead lines.

Course Length

The course duration is 30 Hours and it can be completed by one month.

  • Introduction
  • Scheduling Options & Setting A Baseline
  • Creating a Project Plan
  • Updating an Un resourced Schedule
  • Starting Up & Navigation
  • User, Admin Preferences & Scheduling Options
  • Creating a New Project
  • Creating Roles & Resources
  • Defining Calendars
  • Assigning Roles, Resources & Expenses
  • Creating a Primavera Project WBS
  • Resource Optimization
  • Adding Activities & Organizing Under The WBS
  • Updating A Resourced Schedule
  • Formatting the Display
  • Other Methods of Organizing Project Data
  • Adding Relationships
  • Global Change
  • Activity Network View
  • Managing The Enterprise Environment
  • Constraints
  • Multiple Project Scheduling
  • Group, Sort & Layouts
  • Global Change
  • Filters
  • Earned Value Management with P6
  • Printing & Reports
  • What is new in P6



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