CompTIA Network +

Course Code: N10-006

Domains and Marking System

Domain % of Exmination
Network architecture 22%
Network operation 20%
Network Security 18%
Troubleshooting 24%
Industry, standards, practices and network theory 16%
Total 100%

1.0 Network Architecture

1.1 Functions and applications of various network devices
1.2 Use of networking services and applications
1.3 Install and configure the essential networking services/applications
1.4 Various WAN technologies
1.5 Install and properly terminate various cable types and connectors using appropriate tools
1.6 Differentiate between common network topologies
1.7 Differentiate between network infrastructure implementations
1.8 Implement and configure the appropriate addressing schema
1.9 Routing concepts and protocols
1.10 Unified communication technologies
1.11 Cloud and virtualization technologies
1.12 Implement a basic network

2.0 Network operations

2.1 Monitoring tools
2.2 Metrics and reports from monitoring and tracking performance tools
2.3 Resources to support configuration management
2.4 Importance of implementing network segmentation
2.5 Install and apply patches and updates
2.6 Configure a switch using proper features
2.7 Install and configure wireless LAN infrastructure

3.0 Network security

3.1 Network risk related concepts
3.2 Common network vulnerabilities and threats
3.3 Implement network hardening techniques
3.4 Physical security controls
3.5 Install and configure a basic firewall
3.6 Network access control models
3.7 Summarize basic forensic concepts

4.0 Troubleshooting

4.1 Troubleshooting Methodology
4.2 Troubleshooting Tools
4.3 Troubleshoot and resolve common wireless issues
4.4 Troubleshoot and resolve common copper cable issues
4.5 Troubleshoot and resolve common fiber cable issues
4.6 Troubleshoot and resolve common network issues
4.7 Troubleshoot and resolve common security issues
4.8 Troubleshoot and resolve common WAN issues

5.0 Industry standards, practices and network theory

5.1 OSI layer
5.2 Basics of network theory and concepts
5.3 Deploy the appropriate wireless standard
5.4 Appropriate wired connectivity standard
5.5 Appropriate policies or procedures
5.6 Summarize safety practices
5.7 Install and configure equipment in the appropriate location using best practices
5.8 Basics of change management procedures
5.9 Compare and contrast the common ports and protocols
5.10 Configure and apply the appropriate ports and protocols



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