Microstation Courses

This course is guaranteed to put students on the fast track to mastering MICROSTATION! Cleverly engineered project and lab exercises harness the power of V8i functionality, guiding students to increased productivity. This course features expanded discussion of element modification, reference file usage and manipulation, new Internet utilities, plus leading-edge 3D design and rendering techniques. Detailed instructions for seamless access to compatible file formats, dimensioning styles, and sophisticated system-level data are also included, making this the ultimate course for students at all levels.

Course Duration

Course Duration is 50 Hours

Course Contents

  • Getting Started
  • Fundamentals 1
  • Fundamentals 2
  • Fundamentals 3
  • AccuDraw and SmartLine
  • Manipulating a Group of Elements
  • Placing Text, Data Fields and Tags
  • Element Modification
  • Measurement and Dimensioning
  • Printing
  • Cells and Cell Libraries
  • Patterning
  • Attaching References
  • Special Features
  • Customizing Microstation
  • 3D Design and Rendering



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