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Autodesk® Maya® software is one of many 3D computer graphics (CG) packages available on the market, and although it has many unique features, it shares one trait with every other package out there: it’s very powerful and very complex. The goal of this course is to walk you through some of the features of the software and familiarize you with the tools Maya provides and how to use them.

Although nearly every topics in this course provides a tutorial that covers a particular facet of the software, the goal is not to show you how to do one single procedure. In every case, the intent is to provide you with background and context for the steps you’re performing, so that you develop an understanding of the procedure and its place within the overall CG workflow and can apply that knowledge to all your future projects.

Who Should Take this Course
Anyone who wants to learn how to use Maya should start learning with this course. The exercises are organized like a production would be, moving from preproduction tasks (modeling, rigging) through production (animation), and finally postproduction (lighting, rendering, compositing). In addition to mimicking the structure of a game or film production, the exercises here are designed to expose you to the process of creating CG while being as easy to complete as possible.

What You Will Learn
This course covers the fundamentals of working in CG with Maya. It’s only a starting point, though. As with any artistic pursuit, CG is a lifelong process of learning. With what you learn in this course forming a solid foundation, you can continue exploring all the complex, interesting facets of creating CG imagery. And I promise you that by the end of this course, you’ll never watch a CG animated film or an effects-laden summer blockbuster the same way again .

Course Duration

Course Duration is 50 Hours

Course Contents

  • Understanding the Maya Interface
  • Creating Your First Animation
  • Modeling with Polygons, Part 1
  • Modeling with Polygons, Part 2
  • Modeling with Polygons, Part 3
  • Surfacing Your Character
  • Getting Bent Out of Shape: Blend Shapes
  • Dem Bones: Setting Up Your Joint System
  • Weighting Your Joints
  • Rigging Your Character
  • Setting the Scene: Creating an Environment
  • Making It Move: Animating Your Character
  • Let There Be Light: Lighting Your Shot
  • Rendering and Compositing Your Scene



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