Manual & Practical Accounting Classes

With the effective training given by the expert instructors in Galaxy Computer Education even non-accountants can learn and work as a Professional Accountant. Accounting is key word to business and anyone who knows the basics of accounting can run the business fruitfully. This course will teach you the basics of accounting and Book Keeping which are universally applicable to all businesses. Understanding the crux of business is no different than understanding the basics of accounting. Our Foundation Course will help you to manage your personal finances; it will develop bookkeeping skills and strengthen your grip in exploring the finance and business world.

Course Duration

The course duration is a minimum 40 hours, which can be completed by 1 month.

Course Contents

  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • Double Entry – General Journal
  • Double Entry – Ledger
  • Double Entry – Trial Balance
  • Double Entry – Profit & Loss Accounts
  • Double Entry – Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss Accounts and Balance Sheet – 1
  • Profit & Loss Accounts and Balance Sheet – 2
  • Advance Accounting
  • Account Adjustments
  • VAT
  • Accrual and Prepayments
  • Wage and Salaries
  • Fixed Assets and Depreciation
  • Leasing
  • Sales Ledger and Day Book
  • Purchase leger and Day Book
  • Final Accounts
  • Receipt and Payment
  • The Cash Book
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Control Account and Bad Dept
  • Final Acounts



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