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The invention of communication networks has revolutionized the way, we live, we study, do business, deal with banks and government departments. Terms like e-government, e-business, e-banking, online shopping, all are due to communication networks. Everyone wants to connect his or her computer with internet. Companies having only two or three computers are also interested to network then each other. Multi-national companies and corporate sectors are offering attractive jobs for IT professionals who have latest skills in the field of hardware and networking.

Here at Galaxy Computer Education, we have arranged special training program that fulfills the varying requirements for new comers as well as professionals seeking for excellent training on networking and hardware. After completing these coursers, our student will get best job offers in this competitive market.

Course Length

Course Duration is 40 Hours

  • Common Computer terms and concept
  • Internal working of Components overview
  • AC and DC Voltages
  • Chipset and Microprocessor (CPU)
  • ROM and RAM, IRQ,DMA i/o Addresses
  • HDD, CD, DVD, How they work?
  • Mother boar and its working
  • Monitor and LCD
  • Printers types
  • Modern and NIC
  • VGA and Sound
  • Laptop & Palmtop computers
  • Scanner & Camera
  • Communication devices (Switches , Routers, Bridges)
  • PCI and AGP
  • Transistor and Diode
  • Power Supply



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