This C#.NET training teaches non-experienced people how to create the Solutions/Applications using C#.NET. C#.NET is Microsoft’s entry into the world of managed programming. Using a syntax that is deliberately from Java, C++ and C, C#.NET achieves a natural trade-off of terseness and clarity, enabling programmers to express concepts in a clear and maintainable form. The recent enhancements to the language have made it even more powerful than before, allowing programmers to work with C#.NET in both an Object-Oriented and partially functional style.

Course Length

Course Duration is 4 Weeks

    Course Outline

  • Introducing C# Programming Essentials
  • Working with Control Statements and Exception
  • Introducing Object-Oriented Programming Constructs
  • Programming with Windows Forms Basic Controls

    Advanced Level Course Include

  • Working With Windows Forms Standard Controls
  • Windows Forms Menus, Toolbars, And Dialog Controls
  • Explaining about DBMS
  • ADO.NET and Data Binding
  • SQL Server Database Connectivity with C# Application
  • Deployment of C# Applications



Awards Won

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