Android App Development Course Abu Dhabi

Android Application Development

Mobile devices today are undeniably important in the daily lives of millions of people around the world. In fact, mobile devices now change the way businesses work. Knowing how to professionally build mobile application became a necessity in the technology world. This training would help candidates to easily develop apps for various businesses.

Course Duration

Course Duration is 40 Hours

Course Contents

  • Introduction - Installation Creating project Basic understanding of project structure
  • Layouts – Flow layout Linear Layout Relative layout Table Layout
  • Controls – Button Check Box Text Field Radio Button Toggle Button
  • Creating menu and submenu
  • Implementation of Toast message.
  • Alert Dialog creation.
  • Spinner integration.
  • Intent pass.
  • Login form
  • Creating Calculator Program
  • Implementation of puzzle game.
  • Creating Tab bar.
  • GPS
  • Google map
  • Database integration using SQLite3.
  • Database integration with MySQL.


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