Adobe Flash Courses

Adobe Flash Professional provides a comprehensive authoring environment for creating interactive and media-rich applications. Flash is widely used to create engaging projects integrating video, sound, graphics, and animation. You can create original content in Flash or import assets from other Adobe applications such as Photoshop or Illustrator, quickly design animation and multimedia, and use Adobe ActionScript3.0 to integrate sophisticated interactivity.

Use Flash to build innovative and immersive Web sites, to create stand-alone applications for the desktop, or to create apps to distribute to mobile devices running on the Android or the iOSsystem.

With extensive controls for animation, intuitive and flexible drawing tools,anda powerful object-oriented coding language, Flash delivers one of the only robust environments that let your imagination become reality.

Course Duration

Course Duration is 30 Hours

Course Contents

  • Getting Acquainted
  • Working With Graphics
  • Creating And Editing Symbols
  • Adding Animation
  • Articulated Motion And Morphing
  • Creating Interactive Navigation
  • Using Text
  • Working With Sound And Video
  • Loading And Controlling Flash Content
  • Publishing Flash Documents



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